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Landlords Seize Upper Hand in Apartment Market

By Dawn Wotapka, Wall Street Journal | Published Date: January 31, 2011

“…falling home prices and lethargic sales have given a boost to the apartment sector, with plenty of people willing to become landlords. With millions of families switching from being homeowners to renters, apartment-building values have soared.” Full article…

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Housing Woes Fuel Apartment Surge

By Dawn Wotapka, Wall Street Journal | Published Date: January 29, 2011

“Falling home prices and lethargic sales have been bad news for homeowners, but a boost for one group of real-estate investors: apartment-building landlords. ” Full article…

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Field Guide to Multi-Family Property

By National Association of Realtors | Published Date: January 1, 2011

Have you ever thought about investing in rental property? Apartment buildings, condominiums, rental housing… all of these properties can be lucrative investments. Or they can be disastrous money pits!!! In this Updated Field Guide you will find articles covering not only investing in multi-family properties, but also what to do with the property once it’s […]

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Apartment Market Looks Strong Going Forward

By Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor, Multi-Housing News | Published Date: November 16, 2010

“The latest quarterly report by Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI) on the state of U.S. commercial real estate confirms that the multifamily rental market is in good shape, and that apartment owners have much to look forward to. The outlook for apartments is driven by fairly simple-to-understand economics: Demand is going up, but supply is […]

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